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7 Legitimate Ways to Earn Free Crypto Online 2022

Earn Free Crypto
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7 Legitimate Ways-Earn Free Crypto Online 2022

1.0)Earn Free Crypto by Bitcoin Faucets -:
1.1)Earn Crypto through surveys
1.2)Earn Crypto by typing in Captcha's
1.3)Earn Crypto by Watching Videos
2) Earn Free Crypto by Bitcoin Faucets
3)Earn Free Crypto by "earn and learn" concept by Coinbase
4)Earn Free Crypto by publishing articles on crypto
5)Earn Free Crypto by playing Blockchain games like -: Town Star and Lost Relics
6)Earn Free Crypto by sharing ideas on Reddit
7)Earn More Crypto by just putting all your earned crypto in into Binance account(Earn APY) .

Intro(Disclaimer) -:

Do you believe that crypto in the  future of money of course you do that's why you're here. However, let's face it, the current situation in the world has left many people out of a job accepting pay cuts or having to work reduced hours. That's led to lots of crypto evangelists feeling the squeeze, which means that many cannot afford to buy any crypto. But does that mean that you're frozen out of the cryptocurrency markets? Absolutely not. In this blog post, I'm going to go over my top trusted ways to get free crypto. That way you can stack sets and all coins without spending ascent. Short these methods are unlikely to make you a millionaire. However, many are perfect for people with a bit of free time on their hands who want to get a tow in the water or increase their stack of crypto. I also have a talk tip to improve your chances of finding the next uni swap Air-Drop as well as a super special deal that you are most likely want to take full advantage of. So yes there is a little something for everyone in this blog post. I need to give you a disclaimer before I talk about this bill. I am not a financial advisor , I'm just an educator and this blog post is written with the sole purpose of providing you factual information. Please contact a financial advisor if your portfolio has been killed. If you're new here, you might be feeling a little bit lost right ? My name is "MrCrypt "and I am your crypto geek here at the cryptolibrarynow . I pass on the knowledge of cryptocurrencies, exchanges, DeFi, protocols, NFT's and market analysis are just a few of the topics I tackle on the daily basis. Now enough with the intro. Let's get it on , Let's unpack these free crypto earning techniques -:

Earn Free Crypto by Bitcoin Faucets -:

My first way to earn free crypto has to be the good old Bitcoin faucets, but what on Earth are there? Well, in a nutshell, these are platforms that reward users with free crypto currency when they complete certain tasks. These tasks usually involve things like typing captcha's, watching videos, playing online games, taking surveys. I think you get the picture. Yes, you can make some sense with these forces, but I do want you to have realistic expectations. Back in the day, it was possible to find Bitcoin faucets that paid out one BTC or even more. Incredible when you consider the price of Bitcoin today. However, these days the best the truly dedicated can expect is to make thousands of satoshi's a day now. That may not sound much, but I guess that's exactly what people were saying years ago about faucets paying one BTC or more. But which Bitcoin faucets should you checkout? Well, Cointply is probably the best Bitcoin faucet that I found. Its trusted by over 1.7 million people and has paid out over 1.2millionDollar in free BTC. To get your hands on those free sets you'll have to complete office, do surveys and watch videos. Do that and you'll slowly build up that crypto stack for free. It's that easy. But how do you earn the most Bitcoin from cointply well if you login to your account once today you will get a loyalty boost up to 100%. So you probably want to Max out that loyalty boost to get the most reward points for completing tasks and then cash in those points for real crypto prizes. Yes, there are a bunch of other crypto faucets out there too, so if this method of earning free crypto is up your street then it's worth driving down the rabbit hole of Bitcoin faucets for yourself. One thing to point out is that most force it's usually have maximum withdrawal limits, so best to check up on those before getting started. After all, there's nothing more infuriating than doing a bunch of surveys only to discover you can't withdraw that crypto. But What if Bitcoin faucets are not for you or you want to find other, potentially more profitable ways to build up that crypto Stack.

Earn Free Crypto by Air Drops and Bounties -:

My second way to get crypto for free is getting involved in airdrops and bounties, but what is an AirDrop? No, it's not. When you Chuck a load of paratroopers out of a plane. In crypto land airdrops refer to a kind of marketing stunt that involves sending coins or tokens to wallet addresses in order to promote awareness of a new cryptocurrency increase the circulating supply and stimulate trading activity. Now, while some airdrops just require you to have an ethereum wallet address, most required you to use the product that the project is building. You then have what are termed bounty AirDrop's Which Basically reward you with project tokens for completing straightforward social media tasks. These can be things like joining a project Telegram group or reposting on Twitter. Now essentially these types of AirDrop create a win win situation where you get free crypto and the project gets marketing and builds its community through the AirDrop campaign. The thing with airdrops is that some of them ended up giving participants a ton of money. One of those was uni swap last year, which gave anyone who traded on Uni Swap a whopping 400 unit tokens paid directly into their Ethereum wallet. That actually even included around 12,000 adresses that only submitted a failed transaction. No other tasks were required for this AirDrop. It was simple if you had used uni swap before then you got 400 uni. Now, at the time of writing thi post, uni is sitting at around $27, which means that anyone who got AirDrop and huddled got almost $11,000 worth of free crypto. I mean just wow. But unique swap wasn't the only high value DeFi AirDrop. One inch did one of their own towards the end of 2020 and a second round earlier this year to ensure that users who have not received the tokens had another chance to get them. That February, AirDrop also distributed 6,000,000 one inch tokens to uni swap users as well. So yeah, those champs using Uni swap sure did well out of this AirDrop malarkey. To receive the first one inch AirDrop one inch users needed to have made at least one trade on the decks before September 15th, 2020. Done at least 4 trades on the platform made a total of at least $20 in trades. Basically, if you had met those conditions, then you were quids-in. Qualified addresses got at least 601 inch tokens, with the average token sum across eligible addresses sitting at over 1600 tokens. And when I when i write this blog post, one inch was trading at around $0.615. This means that defi fans who are eligible for the first AirDrop ended up getting a minimum of $369 in value for free. Those who continued using one inch at the start of 2021 got another pleasant surprise with a second wave of airdrops too. But what do the uni Swapan one inch airdrops have in common? Well, they were both for defi projects which had a work index and no token prior to the AirDrop, so you might want to keep your eye out for similar types of projects. We have seen airdrops by the likes of Tornado Cash and there are rumors that a few of the. Other popular taxes which don't have tokens yet me AirDrop themselves short. There's no guarantee that some crazy AirDrop will happen, but if history is anything to go by, its not a terrible bad. Now back to bounty airdrops. Where can you find out which projects are sharing the crypto community with free tokens? Well, I'd recommend you checkout This site shows you all the latest, hottest and upcoming airdrops all in one place. Even better, the site will show you a step by step guide on how to participate and the social media accounts you'll need to get involved. But what if you wanted to double check if there were any additional airdrops going on, and if Air-Drop dot Io , had missed any? Well, you could hop on over to Coinmarketcap and checkout all the ongoing and upcoming airdrops over there to a pretty useful tool for those wanting to do at all important AirDrop research. Now I want to move on to bounties. Essentially some projects out there make bounties part of that marketing strategy, and a percentage of their tokens are allocated to people like you and me for doing certain tasks. Those tasks could be things like referring friends on Telegram, creating a YouTube video on the project, quoting tweets, joining a project telegram so, yes, bounties are relatively similar to airdropso. Honestly, these bounties are pretty hard to find, but you can use sites like to find the latest bounties out there. Sure, bounties and airdrops can be a pretty lucrative way to earn free crypto, but what if you're just dipping your toes into the markets and want to be paid for learning more about crypto. 

Earn Free Crypto by Coinbase Earn -:

At 3rd place I have coinbaseearn .Over here you basically get paid to do quick educational courses on specific cryptocurrencies. No, you can't pick up a crazy amount of free crypto here 3 Matic is worth around 5$, 3 GRT is worth around $2. 10 xlm is valued at about $4 and you can earn about $9 in comp. However, you can actually pick up around $20 in crypto for free here by simply learning more about these old coins and being paid for the privilege. Doesn't sound like too shabby a deal if you ask me. Perhaps those coin baseline courses have whetted your appetite to read even more educational content, or even inspired you to create crypto blog posts yourself. Well, if that's you, then the good news is that there is a way to do all that was earning free crypto in the process. So let's take a look at it. 

Earn Free Crypto by Publish 0X -:

My 4th method to get that free crypto has got to be using publish 0X. Honestly this is a really cool project which I personally love. It's essentially a site a bit like medium, where regular people like you and me can make blog posts published 0X supplies crypto, and you don't need any cryptocurrency to use the platform that crypto can be used to tip blog post authors You simply select how much you want to tip the author of an awesome blog post and how much you want to keep for yourself. So if you're a bit of a wordsmith, then you can monetise those writing skills by posting content on publisher of EXE and getting tipped by users. Now the 3rd way to get free crypto here is by sharing top notch articles. Basically, if a person you share that article with tips, you get 5% of every tip your audience brings. It works very much like a referral program. Yes, it's true that most people will not get very much free crypto here. However, there are some truly. Fantastic articles here for you to get value from. Also, content writers and refers can sometimes earn a surprising amount of crypto too. So as a crypto educate, it would certainly be remiss of me to miss this one off the list. Raj, what if you are not a wordsmith or you feel that writing those crypto articles sends a bit too much like hard work? After all, all work and no play is a recipe for unhappiness. Maybe you want to focus more on the play part and get free crypto while you're at it. Well, that's actually entirely possible. Let me show you how. 

Earn Free Crypto by Blockchain Games -:

The next way to get free crypto is actually through playing blockchain games. Now one games that I may be enjoying a bit too much at the moment is Town-star created by Gala Games. That company was actually founded by the Co founder of Zinger who were the Champs behind Farm-Ville. So yes, Town star is basically a crypto version of Farm-Ville. What's super interesting is that in town start you are essentially competing in a blockchain ecosystem to build one of the top 200 most successful settlements each week, make it into that top 200 and your win gala tokens. Seriously, there are people out there right now making hundreds of dollars worth of gala tokens a week by just playing this game pretty neat. What other Play to earn games are they out there? Well, you've lost relics, build by a one man army. This game has a blockchain marketplace within it powered by engine. The core gameplay is an action adventure RPG and you essentially go round different worlds killing monsters. But what's the goal of the game? Well, that can be distilled down into 2 main objectives survive, get epic loot. Now what's interesting is that epic loot comes in the form of NFT for non fungible tokens and these actually have a monetary value and can be traded on the engine marketplace. Some of those items are literally one of one's and give you special abilities within the game. Yes, there will be quite a lot of grinding to get truly rare nfts that are worth money. However, some of those super rare nfy can be worth thousands of dollars. So if you get an epic Nft drop within the game, then you can hop on over to the engine marketplace, sell it, and you have effectively got free crypto for Just playing a game. So essentially there are 2 types of games that you can earn free crypto currency from. The first is by getting coins or tokens as a direct in game reward. The second is through earning Super rare Nft's in game and selling them for crypto on NFT marketplaces like Engine wearable and opensea. But, what if you're all game down and you want to actually share and bounce ideas around with other crypto fans instead, well, there is a way to do that and earn free crypto in the process.

Earn Free Crypto by Reddit -:

Now, I'm sure that most of you have heard about. Reddit and the legendary cryptocurrency subreddit. What many people do not know is that last year read it, implemented a Community point system. This is a mechanism that enables users of subreddits to be rewarded for their contributions with a unit of ownership in a subreddit. Those points in the cryptocurrency subreddit are called moves and ERC 20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. These can be earned through insightful comments, tipped one and spent on unique items within the community. In short, the more comment you earn in the cryptocurrency subreddits, the more moons you get the following month. So yeah, you really can earn crypto currency for free by being an active member of the community.But what if you already have some crypto and leverage it by earning some more crypto .

Earn Free Crypto by Binance (Earn APY) -:

Well, there is a way of doing that. Allow me to in liking you. My final way to earn free crypto is by using a couple of products and services on binance. Yes, binance is widely known as the King of crypto exchanges. However, these folks offer a whole lot more than merely crypto trading. Now I don't know about you, but most crypto holders that I know just leave that crypto in a hardware wallet and sit there waiting for the price to go to the moon. Sure, that's one strategy. However, you could instead put that crypto to work by supplying it on binance and earning sweet sweet interest fixed savings rates for BUSTD around 6%, APY at the time of writing this blog post and rates of USD are over 5 and a half percent. Now that's significantly better than any rate I've been able to find at a bank and could be a great way for you to put some of that stable coin dry powder to work. You can also state the lights of BNB coin to get near double digit APY as well. But what if you're a silly billy like me and hold practically your entire net worth in crypto? Well, the chances are that you have daily expenses like rent that need to be paid in dirty fiat. One way of doing that and getting free crypto is by getting yourself a binance card. This crypto visa card gives you up to 8% cashback on your purchases and can be used wherever visa is accepted. So yes, that's another way you can use finance to get some free crypto value. Now, if any of that sounds interesting to you, then you'll probably want to create a binance account. 

Final Thoughts -:

Well, that's just about wrapps up my deep dive into my top methods to earn free crypto. However, I do want to share a few closing thoughts now. While it's true that you can get hundreds of dollars worth of crypto without any direct monetary cost to you, using some of these methods, it's not exactly free. Think about Bitcoin faucets and taking. All those surveys you are investing time and providing a service when it comes to generating all that survey data. Those who benefited from the uni-Swap, 1- inch airdrops, essentially beta tested these taxes. Coinbase are essentially acquiring new users through Coinbase earn, which of course is good for their books. Publish 0X is getting free content and users through that free crypto. I think you get the picture here. What all this boils down to is that to get free crypto you are essentially trading time to get it and in the case of binance, initial spending or lending. So just bear that in mind before jumping into any of these free ways to sack those coins and tokens. With all that being said, I hope you can see that there are some truly fantastic ways for those with a bit of time to get quite a lot of free crypto, if you like me and believe that cryptocurrencies will be worth a heck of a lot more in the future, then all the methods I've gone over are certainly worth considering. Now it's time to hear your thoughts. Are there any methods to earn free crypto that I've missed? Have you got any questions now while you're tapping away at that comment, and also please remember to share this article to as many friends and and family as possible and help them earn free crypto. 

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Thank You , Keep learning keep growing .


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