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Kucoin Complete Beginners Guide 2022 | Kucoin Review

Photo by PiggyBank on Unsplash

Kucoin Step-By-Step Guide -:

Step1Set Up Kucoin Account and Deposit Fiat

Step 2) Deposit Crypto

Step 3) Trade on Kucoin

Step 4) Kucoin Trading Bot

Step 5) Kucoin Earn

Are you new to Crypto or have you discovered that there is more to the world of altcoins that offered by the likes of Coinbase. If that sounds like you, then you're probably on the hunt for a top notch crypto exchange(KuCoin), one that gives you access to a proverbial buffet of exotic alt coins. The option to loan out your crypto at Sky high lending rates and the option to buy crypto with numerous Fiat currency pairs. If that's you, then the good news is that there is an exchange that offers all that and a heck of a lot more. So what is this mythical crypto El Dorado? Well, that would be the KuCoin exchange. So this article is my "Complete Beginners Guide to KuCoin" . How to keep through exactly how to buy Bitcoin with normal money show you how to trade on the exchange and give you an overview of all KuCoins main features. That way you get to keep as many of those crypto gains as possible. Before I drop those pearls of wisdom, I do need to level with you now, although I did apply to Tesla and try to secure myself at Kushi Master of Coin job, it turns out that 5 years in crypto doesn't qualify you for that. No company car for this guy. My failure to impress Elon Musk highlights the fact that I am no financial advisor and that everything in this article is for educational and entertainment purposes only. With that, let down out of the way, I want to welcome anyone new to the CryptoLibrary. This is an Aladdin's cave stop full of crypto content that includes the most important news, analysis and reviews to hit the blockchain. Okay ready to learn about KuCoin? Your wish is my command. 

Kucoin Fiat Deposit -:

What makes Kucoin an awesome springboard to get into crypto is the fact that it supports over 50 different global currencies. Yes, you have your regular USD, euros, Canadian dollars, Aussie dollars and good old british pounds. However, there are many other more exotic currencies supported, like the Hungarian forint or the Peruvian Sol. To make that deposit using a credit or debit card, you want to hover over the buy crypto button at the top of the home page and select that hot credit and debit card option. 

You'll then see a credit and debit card deposit form where you can 

1)select your currency that you want to use. 

2)Enter the amount you want to spend 

3) select the crypto you want to buy. 

What's important to note is the list of available cryptocurrencies here isn't every cryptocurrency available on kucoin. However, most major cryptos are here. Next, you need to select your payment method from a choice of Visa or MasterCard , Sepa or Apple Pay. Once you do that, the best value payment channel will be flagged up. I use whatever is best offer to get more bag for your buck here. Once you done that make sure you click the checkbox to say that you read the disclaimer and hit confirm. Now, although this is a very convenient and fast way to deposit on KuCoin you will pay for that convenience if your order is under $150, then you will incur a $5 processing fee, whereas orders over $150 will incur a 2.99% fee. So yes, my 200 pounds here attracts nearly 6 quid in fees. You'll then see a login screen. That's because I selected mobilum as my payment channel. So what to know is that you don't enter your kucoin email and password here, its the login for mobile. So most of you will have to smash that click here to register button. You'll then see the registration form over here. Fill in that little dude and Bosch that register button. Once done, you will need to verify your email by sending a code to your inbox into that guy into the form and hit verifying. Next to be asked to do the same thing with your phone, check your text messages and enter that code before proceeding, and finally you'll be asked to key in those card details before proceeding to payment and getting back crypto. It's that simple really. Now I know many of us want to avoid those fees as much as we want to avoid the pandemic, there is an option on kucoin for some people to do that. You can take advantage of that using coins fast buy option. Another gateway using that buy crypto button at the top of the homepage. Okay so the thing to keep in mind here is that only a limited number of currencies are supported here. However, that's not a problem for those of you based in countries like Australia or Canada, so lucky you. For guys like me, I have to deposit using USD with this method and that means conversion fees which I am not a fan of. Anyhow, you can buy USDT, Bitcoin or Ethereum. Using this method. Just enter the amount you want to buy, select your payment method. You can choose from options like WeChat Pay, Alipay and bank cards and wait for your crypto to arrive in Your Kucoin account. It's that simple. Now, honestly, if your currency isn't supported by KuCoin fast by option and you don't need to buy crypto instantly, then I would recommend that you can sit using a local exchange with lower fiat on-ramp fees. You can buy Bitcoin there and send it to kucoin to get your hands on those more exotic old coins. However, if you want to use KuCoin to get into crypto and your local currency is not supported, then you're probably going to want to deposit using U.S. dollars. It is true that KuCoin also has a person to person Fiat to crypto marketplace too, but I'd avoid that if you're new to crypto. So that's basically all there is to it. If you want to deposit on kucoin, however, one of you are like me and already have got yourself a nice little stack of crypto and want to get your hands on an exotic old coin or too using Kucoin .

Kucoin Crypto Deposit -:

To deposit crypto on kucoin you want to make sure you're logged into your account. Hover over the assets button in the top right corner and select main account from the drop down. You will then be taken to Main account screen . Here you"ll see a list of crypto currencies. Find the one you want to deposit and hit that deposit button under the Operation column. If you want to find that crypto faster then just use the search function and click deposit. I've searched for good old BTC here. You'll then, see a deposit page for Bitcoin with a BTC address. If you want to deposit BTC then just use that address to send your Bitcoin to kucoin. You can use that method to deposit any cryptocurrency listed on kucoin. So yes, you should have no problems in doing that now. Now that you an overview on how to deposit crypto   on kucoin, I want to move on and talk about how you can optimize those trading fees.

How To Trade On KuCoin ?

Firstly, I should point out that you do have margin trading on kucoin for up to 10 times leverage. But seriously folks, if you are new to crypto then I would personally avoid that. Its for experienced traders only. Derivatives markets are on a whole other level and support up to 100x leverage which is roughly 10 times riskier than a margin trade, what 100 X leverage means is that if you go 100 X long on say Bitcoin and the price moves against you more than 1%, then you lose everything. So yes, I was not kidding that it's insane, and I certainly cannot stand here and recommend anyone do that. Play around with that and you could just have booked yourself a one way ticket to a place called wrecked fill. In my humble opinion, crypto markets are volatile enough as they are, and that is why I am only going to be showing you how to trade spot markets, essentially buying and selling crypto without any leverage. This is the type of trading I recommend to my mates. To do that on kucoin you want to hover over to the trade button and select spot trading from that drop down. A trading screen will then pop up. Now I know most of you are probably panicking about how complicated things look here, but it's really not bamboozling as it May appear on first sight. I guess that's why I'm here. The good news about this type of trading interface is that it can allow you to play some quite advanced order types which can save you both time and money. To explain what's happening in this training panel, I'm going to have to break it down into sections on the far right hand side of the trading panel. You have recent trades that's simply a list of the most recent trades made by kucoin users for trading pair you are looking at. In the left column you can see the price that those trades were executed at, with green numbers being by orders and red being sell orders. The middle column is simply the amount of the crypto being traded in each order and the right column tells you time the trades were made at. The panel to the left of that is known as the order book. The red numbers at the top are orders to sell the crypto currency and all the green ones are orders to buy. All those orders are set at different prices, so the left hand column of that order book is the price people have placed to buy or sell orders at the minimum column shows the amount of at crypto available at each price level. Then the right hand column shows the cumulative amount of that cryptocurrency available at each price level. In the center of the panel you will see a price graph which you can filter according to different time periods. You can also use the charting tools on the left hand side to help you do that technical analysis .At the bottom right hand side of the trading panel you will see where all the magic happens and where you placed those trades okay. So as mentioned most of you people will want to completely ignore those margin in futures tabs. The default order in the menu is a limit order, not understand that I'm going to have to use an example so. Let's say the Bitcoin is priced at $60,000 and I think it will dip down to $50,000. I can actually do that on kucoin. All I need to do is set the price to 50,000 USDT, key and the amount of Bitcoin I want to buy and hit that buy BTC button. That order will then be added to the order book. Now what's important to understand here is that this order will sit in the order book until you cancel it or the price point is hit. So I might be eating my food or watching T.V and if Bitcoin hits $50,000 then my buy order would trigger without me being at my computer pretty neet. Now that limit order would incur a maker fee, by the way. Then you have market orders. This is the most straightforward type of order is all you are doing is taking the current market price. Now I'm going to skip over the more complex stop limit orders here. I would wager that most of you would never use this order type and there is a ton more I want to cover in this article. Finally, I need to show you how to find different trading pairs. So at the top of the screen you might see a BTC USDT. Next to that kucoin logo. If you click that a drop down will appear and you can search for the cryptocurrency you want to trade. If I searched Ada I would find all the trading pairs on kucoin for Cardano, I can then simply select the market I want to trade and the way I go. Now here's the deal. If I search Cardano then nothing will come up. Instead, you need to search for the crypto currency ticker. That's a 3 to 5 letter abbreviation for the crypto and you can find that out on Coinmarketcap. All you need to do is find the crypto you want to trade and the abbreviation next to the cryptos name is the ticket. So you can see that Cardano ticker is indeed Ada. You can use that little trick to find the trading pair for any cryptocurrency you want. Right, that's my overview of trading on kucoin, but the exchange offers a ton of other services too. So should we see if any of those tickle your fancy? 

Kucoin trading Bot -:

Now I'm very aware that there are many people out there keen to automate their crypto trading. Honestly, I can't blame you. No one wants to be changed their computer staring at charts all day and all night. But how can you make that happen? Well, you use kucoins, automated trading tools. Click on allows you to select a preset trading strategy that includes things like dollar cost averaging, classic grid to help you sell high and buy low dynamic portfolio rebalancing so you'll never too expose to a single position and much more. They're in astonishing 3 quarters of 1,000,000 trading bots to try and even better, they can be got for the low price of well.......they're free actually. To get started, all you have to do is select your strategy, invest funds and the bot will begin trading based on your selected strategy. A word of warning bots only automate trading strategies and are not some sort of magic money printing machine. If you choose a losing strategy then your bot will lose you money so do be aware of that. If the box available in kucoin not for you then I have actually done a dedicated article on the best trading bots out there. So check that out over here if you're interested. 

Kucoin Earn -:

So those are the polls moving on to the next feature you have is Earn. If you peruse the earn tab, then you'll see a ton of different lending options. The most interesting is probably the one titled Crypto Lending here you can supply different cryptocurrencies for 7 days, 14 day and 28 day periods and earn interest in turn now I don't know about you, but last time I checked, my bank is giving me a miser the amount of interest a year. However, if you supply us DT on cook coins crypto lending platform you can get annualized rate of over 40% at least at the time I was writing this article and by the way, if you are looking for other additional methods to earn passive income I have a dedicated article for that too, and you folks can read that by clicking on me. Another cool thing, and a major incentive to hold kucoin's, KCS token is that if you hold 6-KCS or more, then you will get a share of 50% of the fees generated on kucoin every single day. So the more kcs you hold, the bigger slice of those trading fees you get. Honestly this along with using KCS to access trading free discount are the major demand drivers for the token. There are other pretty cool features on Kucoin, but i suggest you take a look around the exchange yourself and see what else interests you because no article or video can do justice to them . This wraps up my ultimate beginners guide to coin. If you want to get cracking on kucoin then start trading those old coins  So folks, now it's time to hear your thoughts. Which crypto exchanges do you like the most and have you got any questions for this crypto geek? While you're passing away on your keyboard, making that comment, i request you to share this article with as many friends  as possible and grow rich together. There is a treasure trove of content there that you won't find anywhere else. Do check more such interesting articles and tutorials only on cryptolibrarynow "One Stop for all your Crypto Queries".

If you guys are looking for how to earn free crypto online for free through legit ways then you can check out my dedicated article on that by Clicking On Me .

Finally , Thank You . Keep Learning Keep Growing .

KuCoin Exchange -:

Alright, to get started, I better tell you who these KuCoin chaps are and give you an overview of the business. I mean its generally not a good idea to deposit money on any platform before you know more about it. Johnny Liu(CEO of Kucoin) , KuCoin first, opened its doors to crypto traders in 2017. Yeah, that's around the time binance was founded too. However, the founding team had been experimenting with blockchain since 2011. Unlike many other crypto exchanges out there, we do know where KuCoin is based and that would be Seychelles. Now I know what some of your thinking isn't Seychelles a sunny place for shady people? Well, first off , I actually took a holiday in Seychelles pre lockdown and I can report first hand that there were no people walking around with those anonymous guy fawkes masks on. All I found was a Pina colada and some, very friendly hotel staff. On a more serious note, I think this just comes down to Seychelles crypto friendly regulations. It's a similar reason that crypto companies would setup operations in places like Malta by binance or Hong Kong by Ftx. KuCoin is licensed by the Seychelles regulator and so are a host of other popular crypto exchanges like Hobe and Okay-X. Now, although KuCoin is incorporated in Seychelles, its main base of operations is in Singapore, another country with a great deal of crypto adoption, kucoin also has some pretty big institutional investors too. You have the lights of US based IDG Capital as well as matrix partners. These funds have had a pretty good track record in the past, picking strong investments. So then backing an exchange like kucoin is quite a vote of confidence in my opinion. I should also point out the kucoin held an ICO back in 2017 where they raised about $20M$. In this ICO they sold their exchange tokens for about 25 cents there, trading at about $6 now. By the way flash forward today, 1out of every 4 crypto holders worldwide has an account with kucoin. So yes, it's a pretty popular exchange. KuCoin also does have a record for being competent and doing the right thing by customers as well. Flash back to late 2020 and the crypto world was rocked by the news that kucoin had been hacked for around 280M$. Now honestly that was a pretty scary time for me as I might have had some funds on the exchange for a trade , I was lining up. Yes, exchange hacks are terrifying. However, the truth is that exchanges are pretty big targets for hackers and the likes of binance and numerous other exchanges have experienced the same issues in the past. So how did kucoin respond to attack? Well, they acted bloody quickly, and I must say they were very clear in their communications , deposits and withdrawals were resumed in a week before all features were restored. Okex could maybe learn some lessons here. On top of that, kucoin worked with other exchanges and projects to recover 222M$ of those stolen funds another 17.5M$ was recovered through cooperating with law enforcement agencies and for the remaining 45M$ shortfall KuCoin used its insurance fund. It's also apparent kucoin has greatly improved in its security post hack, so at least this increases its ability to respond to such threats in the future. Anyways, that should all show you that kucoin is not your run of the mill bucket shop exchange , strong backers, a large user base, and a decent track record towards those users. So now that you have that overview, I should probably move on and tell you how to find out if that hot Alt Coin is actually listed on kucoin. After all. If it's not, then the simply no point in getting an account locked loaded and ready to go. 

Altcoins on Kucoin -:

So this little tip will show you every exchange the crypto currency is traded on. First you want to hop on over to either Coinmarketcap or coin gecko. Click that search function and type in the crypto you're looking for. I have decided to checkout API 3 here. Once you clicked on API 3, you will see a page with a lot of data and price chart above that price chart you'll see a market button. Click that bad boy and you will see all the different exchanges that API 3 is listed on. So yes, you can see that API 3 can be bought on kucoin using USDT. Another thing you might notice is that Hobe appears to have more trading volume than Kucoin. However, what's important to know about these volume numbers is they could be inflated by the exchanges themselves. That's why the confidence rating is important, that's Coinmarketcap confidence rating for how short they are that the reported volume is real. Look up any cryptocurrency that kucoin lists and you will see that they usually score high or moderate confidence ratings for pretty much every crypto. That's not something that can be said for most exchanges and is one core reason why so many people choose kucoin to do their crypto trading on. Okay. So once you find out if Kucoin supports that coin or token you're interested in, you're going to want to create an account. Now, honestly, signing up to Kucoin is super simple, to see how to setup a KuCoin Account Click Here for the video tutorial by Kucoin . However, you should remember to secure your KuCoin  account with a mega strong password and definitely set up your account with 2 factor authentication to level up that security. You can do that with Google Authenticator or s an equivalent app. Now I want to move on to show you how to deposit regular dollars and euros on kucoin. After all, that's a key step when it comes to dipping your toes into those crypto waters.

Kucoin Fees -:

Now I know that with some old coins swinging 20% or more in a day, it can be all too tempting just to focus on price movements. However, the truth is that those boring trading fees can end up costing you an arm and a leg in the long run. Now you need to note that there are 2 types of trading fees in crypto. The first is known as a taker fee, which is when your order is executed at the current market price. The benefit of doing that is that your trade is instant and there is no hanging around. The second is something called a maker fees. That's when you provide liquidity to the order book by saying that you want to either by the crypto at a lower price than the current market rate or sell at a higher one. Let's face it, most of you are busy people and I imagine most of you will be paying taker fees, so let's focus , on those first. On kucoin, the standard taker, and Maker fees is 0.1%. To place that into context. That fee level is 5 times cheaper than Coinbase Pro. So yes, 0.1% in Maker and taker fees sounds reasonable. However, you can reduce those fees on kucoin further with 2 main ways. The first is by trading more than 50 BTC in a 30 day period. Now that's a lot of trade volume and I suspect that not many people roll that deep or you could hold 1000 plus KCS tokens. The problem with taking that strategy is that holding 1000 KCS doesn't impact on the taker fee at all and reduces the Maker fee by just 10%. The second level of fee reduction requires you to hold 10,000 KCS. That's worth a pretty mind boggling $60,000 at the time of writing this article. But there are other more cost effective ways to reduce those training fees right off the bat, you can get a 20% training fee discount by paying your fees using KCS. The major use case for the KuCoin token. That's why I always like to have some KCS token lying around that way I enjoy 20% discount whenever I do my old coin trading on kucoin. So yes, if you do that your maker and taker fees plummet to 0.08%. Now I know that sounds quite impressive. However you can save even more money on those fees. Now another thing that I've noticed is that my mates always seem to ignore the crazy promotions on kucoin. To find that you're going to want to hover over that more tab and select promotion from the drop down. Now I'm not going to beat about the Bush a most of these promos are geared towards high volume traders. However, if that's you then there are tons promotions worth 10s of thousands of dollars. So it would be rude not to take advantage of them. That being said, that awesome promos that us little guys can take part in too, that's because most trading promos have a random lucky draw in them. Alright, so now you know about those KU coin trading fees and how anyone can take advantage of promotions on the exchange. I think you are now ready to learn how to trade alt coins over here on kucoin. So let's explorer that.

This wraps up my "Ultimate Beginners Guide to Kucoin". If you want to get cracking on kucoin then start trading those old coins  So folks, now it's time to hear your thoughts. Which crypto exchanges do you like the most and have you got any questions for this crypto geek? While you're passing away on your keyboard, making that comment, i request you to share this article with as many friends  as possible and grow rich together. There is a treasure trove of content there that you won't find anywhere else. Do check more such interesting articles and tutorials only on cryptolibrarynow "One Stop for all your Crypto Queries".

If you guys are looking for how to earn free crypto online for free through legit ways then you can check out my dedicated article on that by Clicking On Me .

Finally , Thank You . Keep Learning Keep Growing .


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