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Unstoppable Domain Step By Step Tutorial | Unstoppable Domains Review .

Domain Search
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Table of Content -:

Unstoppable Domains Step By Step Tutorial -:

 Step 1) Search for Unstoppable Domains -:

You can come to the unstoppable domains website and search for a wallet address or domain name, just like you wouldn't go Daddy. The differences once you have the NFT, its in your wallet forever. So if you choose a very short domain name, something with few letters or name thats it gonna be really expensive. So James.wallet is $30,000. If you want to, you know, pay the money for that, you can. But I'm gonna search for something a little bit more unique to me, which is Mcg club. And I can get mcgclub.crypto. You can see it's $80 here. Most domains, especially if they are a bit longer  gonna be between 120 and $80, but its a one time fee. To have that NFT domain name forever so you can see I've added this to my car already. If you click continue to car. If you're not logged in yet last you to login, you can pay through various methods. I usually pay the credit card you think you can use PayPal, or you can actually pay via ethereum as well. So choose the one that you want to pay with. You have to choose whether you live in the USA or Not, not I think you can buy it from any country, but you just have to choose that. So I'm gonna click checkout right here and actually by mcgclub.crypto so you can see that they will just give you the domain name, make sure that it's all correct and then obviously pay with your preferred method.

Step 2) How to Mint NFT Domain using Unstoppable Domain -:

 So once the purchase has gone through you now own that domain, but you're gonna have to mint the domain. On the Matic network as well. So once you go through to the confirm page down here, it should say mint. Cuz you haven't minted it yet? Or the other way is to just go to domains and then click my domains and it will come up at all the domains that you purchased . So what you can see is

Unstoppable Domain Page

that I've already got some domains that I purchased a long time ago. They have already been minted and there in my wallet. But you can see obviously  the one that I just bought mcgClub.crypto  is greyed out and that means that I own that domain name but I havent minted it yet. So you can see not minted. You can actually mint for free on the Matic network if you want to do it on the ethereum network you have to pay those fees if you want it on that network for some reason. But you can link all of your different addresses through the unstoppable dashboard anyway, so I don't know why you'd want it on the ethereum network. That's up to you, but you can go Free mint on polygon. I'm gonna click here and it says Mint domain on Polygon. Polygon is Polygon block. Train fees are covered. Bonds stoppable because they are very cheap. So you can learn more about that. I just press continue. So I'm gonna press continue right here, and it's gonna load up the wallet that I'm gonna use. Important at this point is to know you need a metal mask wallet with Matic added to it. So as you can see here, I've got my metal mask. But you can see

Unstoppable Domain Page

my assets here. I've got my burner wallet setup here with matic in there and I actually added this before as you can see ,(if u want to set up polygon network with your metamask wallet i have a complete article on it , if you want to read it click here). So its remember that I have 5 domains in that Matic. Address. You can add a different wallet if you want to go to a different wallet by adding a new wallet address. Here you can click this add new wallet then you can choose whatever wallet provided that you have not need Metamask as you can use any of these But I'm obviously setup and link that very easily. For example Coin base wallet you can just scan a QR code edit links up the wallet and then the NFT will go Into that wallet. Now you can send nfts between wallets as well, but I'm just going to choose my existing wallet right here so I can click that and then the domain will be minted within that wallet. Once you please confirm on this, it will take a minute or 2 for that NFT domain to be minted and its gonna go right into this wallet be send. So just click on I understand and then press confirm. That's gonna take a little bit of time and you need to confirm that why your email as well. So make sure you get that confirmation code now you just have to wait for that minting process to end. That should take a few minutes, and then after that, the NFT itself will be in the wallet that you chose. 

Step 3) How To Manage The Domain on Unstoppable Domains -:

Then what we can do is manage the domain that we've just minted and make it way more useful by adding in all of our crypto addresses in the unstoppable dashboard. So come to domains and then my domains.

Unstoppable Domain Page

I'm just gonna choose on NFT that I have minted a while back with that domain and we need to come and change the crystal addresses, so come down to crypto here you can see you can add in all of your different crypto addresses. So if you got a Bitcoin address, a ethereum address and then Matic banners March and all of those you can. Add that in here. If I press add currency, I'm just gonna choose Cordano so Can I use this network and so I can put my cordana address in and then just this website or domain name will point to all of these different addresses? That's probably one of the best use cases for this. other things you can do is transfer. So if you want to take the NFT out of the wallet that you have it in and send it to another wallet. You can do that here and you can actually sell domains if you register a bunch of them. I want to sell one. You can do that either on the unstoppable website. So when people search for the domain, it says its for sale or you can sell it as an NFT on opensea as well  

Unstoppable Domains Review -:

Domain name registration -:

I think people are going to be quite surprised that it's way more complicated and technical than you imagined. So when you go to somewhere like or, you're not actually buying the domain name which you are doing is you're leasing the domain name through a ICAN certified domain name registrar. Why do I say ICAN certified? Because you can't get your domain names directly from ICAN which is again the nonprofit organization that manages the DNS system. You have to go through an ICANN certified, a domain name registrar in order to get a domain name, and that's just how it works like you're like. Why do I have to do that? I don't know why asking me. Those are just the rules and that's what people have been doing for the last few decades in order to get a domain name. So that's why you need to pay a yearly fee on your domain names because you're not actually buying and owning domain name. What you're doing is leasing their domain, so you're going to to get your .com. What they're doing is then they're going through the registry that manages that domain name extension, which is then totally managed and organized by ICANN broadly speaking. So like when you get a .com .net .org the registry for that extension is a Verisign for example. So all these different domain name. Extensions have different registries and the role of the registry is just to manage the administrative data for that specific domain name. 

NFT domain names versus the traditional DNS system. What's the difference? 

Well, the traditional DNS system is a centralized system. As I alluded to earlier, based around I-can. So you have I-can you have your domain registries then you have your ICAN  certified domain name registrars . NFT's by contrast are non fungible tokens non fungible meaning like you can't jump in and change it, but like what does that specifically mean a non fungible token is just a piece of data found on a blockchain that is verifiable and represents a unique digital item. In this instance our domain names 

Dot Crypto Vs Dot Zil, what's the difference with these two? 

So if you jump over to unstoppable  you're going to find out that you can't get a Why? Well, you could you should already kind of know why, because those are managed by Verisign, which is a domain name registry which is managed by ICAN. That's part of the DNS system. That's why you can't get those types of domain names through unstoppable domain names. You can only get blockchain based domain names right now they only have a dot crypto and dot zil at the time of recording this video. The main difference is that these two are tied to different blockchains. That's it. So you have your dot crypto which is tied to the Ethereum blockchain. You have your dot Zil which is tied to the Zilika blockchain. Ethereum blockchain is way more developed and you have a little bit more features and services built around the Ethereum blockchain with a dot crypto domain name. Then you do with a zil, but functionally speaking they are the same .

Personalized crypto addresses that can be set-up as a payment gateway-: 

So this is the primary feature of unstoppable domain names. Obviously over time as like we have decentralized web host developed over time. It will be possible to use like a decentralized domain name and a decentralized web host to create your own decentralized website. Currently it's not really possible. I mean you can do it, but it's pretty technical. But what's more important is that you can set-up your dot crypto address or your dot zil address as a payment gateway. So with a lot of beginners. I think don't understand is like when you have Bitcoin you have to send it to a specific Bitcoin address. If you have Litecoin, you have to send that to a Litecoin address. If you have Bitcoin cash, you have to send it to a Bitcoin Cash address and so it gets to be a little bit of a headache of managing all these different addresses and if you want to get payment from specific people you have to give them this address and this address and this address. It's really a headache. Like what if there's just some way to combine everything into something that's a little bit more logical, easy to use, and easy to remember? That's the advantage of using unstoppable domain names and setting up something like .crypto .zil as a payment gateway, because then you can receive payments and of all different types of cryptocurrency to one address. Because when you get everything set-up, you just jump into your unstoppable domain name account and then you can add in your different wallets for your different cryptocurrencies. So when anyone ever tries to send you a cryptocurrency to your unstoppable domain name, it automatically gets rerouted to the appropriate wallet.

Pros and Cons of Unstoppable Domains -:

Cons of Unstoppable Doamain's -:

1) The first con is that I would say that you could actually just lose your domain name. What I mean is like, because it's tied to the blockchain and then you have to attach it to your wallet in order to claim it. Well, if you lose access to that wallet, then you lose your domain name, just like you would with any type of cryptocurrency and you know, like if your phone breaks and you can't remember your seed phrases, they're like, OK, well, you you just lost your domain name. So that's a big risk in my opinion. 

2)Another risk is that you could buy into a project that doesn't work out. So for example we have .zil Domaining extensions, which are based on these silica blockchain. What happens if that project fails? What happens to your domain name? I would just say OK bye bye to your domain name. So that's why most people kind of recommend going with maybe a dot crypto because it's tied to the Ethereum blockchain which is a little bit more stable and established. 

Pros of these NFT domain's? 

1) There's quite a few, so I already got to the first one, which is being able to set it up as a payment gateway, and I think that's really valuable. I mean, you can just give you at once you have everything set-up. I can just give you this one specific dot crypto address and then you can send me Bitcoin, Litecoin, dogecoin, like anything I have set-up on the back end and it's going to get rerouted to the appropriate wallet without me having to do anything without me having to list out my specific wallet addresses, cause you've seen this here on YouTube like you know you check the link in the description. Oh, send me Bitcoin to this address, send me through to this address, send me Bitcoin Cash to this address. It's like it's maddening because these addresses are so long and convoluted, and so it's just really nice that you can just use your dot crypto address to Set-up everything as a payment gateway for your cryptocurrency

2)  Uncensorable websites, so obviously with an NFT it's a non fungible token that's based on the block chain. Like once you own and claim your domain name, nobody can take it away from you. Unstoppable domains can't take it away from you. The only thing that can happen again is like you lose access to your domain name. Now if you combine that with some type of like decentralized web hosts that are being currently developed. You can potentially create an uncensorable website, which I think is pretty cool. 

3)Another advantage is that these are just an alternative to the DNS system and now there's nothing wrong with the DNS system. Obviously it works, it's great, etc, but it's nice that there's a little bit of competition. Being developed and that you have a few more options if you want to go into the DNS system or you want to go into the blockchain system. Now you have your choice of both. There's also no custodian, there's no third party that's in charge of your domain name. So like when you get your dot crypto from unstopabble domain names and you attach it to your wallet, you and you alone are the owner. There's no third party that can potentially seize that or take that domain name as you're the owner of your domain name. There are no renewal fees. You pay one time and it's yours forever. Once you claim it and attach it to a wallet because you're again, you're not releasing it through Namecheap or GoDaddy and through the DNS system it's on the blockchain once you claim ownership, it's yours forever. And last transferring domain names is way. Easier on the blockchain. It takes like a minute. You could just send domain names between wallets with no problem. When you have a dot crypto or any type of blockchain based domain name you can transfer it to wherever you want whatever wallet you want with ease.

That's all for today guys , hope you found this helpful , if so then please help me by sharing these blog post's .

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